High voltage insect traps

Cri-Cri series is the most famous and selling from program MO-EL from this reason that combine flexibility, efficiency, economic and total safety. Lamps give UV-A rays whitch do not effect on people health. This serie is for use in professional areas. On bottom they have plate which can be taken out and on which fall killed insects.


Insect traps with adhesive paper HACCP

This serie is developed in first place for areas where is needed to fulfill hygenic demands of HACCP standard. Acording to directive DL 155/97 - CE 93/43 and 96/3 HACCP standard which is related on sanitary protection in food industry, it's needed to give us steady and efficient program of protection from insects, flies and parasites. Device use unbrakeable UV-A lamps which attracts insects, and do not harm peoples health. Attracted insects is glued on adhasive paper. For this insect traps is not needed dessinfication. Insect traps with adhesive paper meet HACCP standards. Internal UV lamp in trap attracts insects which is glued and stucked on adhesive paper.


Insect traps with ventilators HACCP

This insect traps series combine lamps attraction power and ventilator which sucks insects. Lamps emit unharmfull UV-A rays which attracts insects, ventilator sucks them in and put in conteainer. Insects can die in trap. Container door are closed automatically, sow it can be prevented insect escape. Ventilator is completly safe even if is hand accidently put inside. All models are made of plastic which is tear resistant.


Agricurtular insect traps

Agricultural insect traps are consisted of big ventilator wich sucks in insects and flies into big barel of plastic bag. Insect can't go out and they die in side the barel or bag. It is used in big cattle farms, or places where is needed trap to cover big area.



AVIT D.O.O. is general distrubutor and importer for additonal part for MO-EL insect killers. In our store you can find UV lamps for all models of insect traps. Also we have wide range of reserve parts, such as transpormaors, condensators etc. Main accessorie is adhasive paper which we have in all dimensions.


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